The tide

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This poetic wall sculpture is inspired by sand and water on the beach. The tides, with receding water leaves behind water in ever-changing shapes. I composed the material from different types of clay and porcelain. This sculpture can also be hung in a different way. For example in length. The work is very light and easy to handle. It hangs on a transparent thread. It is possible to order multiple parts and colours.

I love the tide: an ever-changing natural phenomenon. Water, sand, wind, waves.
This sculpture consists of 9 strands in approximately seven connected rings, each in many different earth colours. All made of clay and porcelain. In the pictures you can see many different amounts of strands. 
9 strands next to eachother: approximately: 130x140x10 cm, depending on the space you want in between the strands.

Available in different sizes and colours. Send me a message.

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