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  • Postcards


    Six different postcards

    10.5 x 14.8 cm

    On backside: Logo Cecil Kemperink, website, titel work and name photographer

    € 10,00
  • Morning light
    Morning light

    This sculpture shows a special colorpallette and shape.
    Inspired by nature. It is earthenware, fired on high temperatures.
    She is very flexible; and has many different shapes in itself. You can change the shape of the sculpture…

    € 2.100,00
  • Commissioned

    'The tide white'
    'The tide white'

    I love the tide: an ever-changing natural phenomenon. Water, sand, wind, waves

    This sculpture consists of 5 parts, each part: three connected white circles. Porcelain. Very light and easy to handle.

    Available in different sizes…

    € 500,00
  • White rising
    White rising

    This sculpture is created, inspired by nature. It is stoneware, fired on 1100 degrees Celcius. The clay has a firm texture. And many differences in thickness and sizes of the connected circles.

    This sculpture is very flexible; it…

    € 1.350,00
  • 'Hold me' six items
    'Hold me' six items

    Ceramic wall installation

    € 225,00
  • Moving blue
    Moving blue

    A sculpture with many appaerences!

    The movements are like an intens creative dance. Porcelain and stoneware creating a gradient from white to blueWhen you move the sculpture, the sculpture is moving you.
    The work is very strong…

    € 1.370,00
  • Beach XIX
    Beach XIX

    A yellow Beach sculpture

    € 195,00
  • Rhythm terra Large
    Rhythm terra Large

    This sculpture shows a fragile colorpallette from soft orange to white. Inspired by nature. It is earthenware.

    The sound you hear when you move the sculpture is amazing.
    When you move the sculpture, the sculpture is moving…

    € 1.650,00
  • Commissioned

    Seeds of connection
    Seeds of connection

    'Seeds of Connection' is a colourful wall sculpture.
    Made from clay with a subtle colour palette from white to terra. Earthenware. Very light. 23 strends in six different colours.
    The shapes are going from round to oval, from…

    € 2.000,00
  • It takes two to tango I
    It takes two to tango I

    Ceramics sculpture
    Handmade and one of a kind

    € 1.270,00
  • Sold

    'Boule' series white-yellow
    'Boule' series white-yellow

    Ceramics sculpture

    € 535,00
  • 'Rhythm' terra
    'Rhythm' terra

    Ceramics in motion
    One of a kind and handmade

    € 1.170,00
  • Sold

    Clear II
    Clear II

    Ceramics flexible sculpture
    Handmade and one of a kind

    € 2.700,00
  • Commissioned

    The tide
    The tide

    ceramic wall sculpture

    € 2.500,00
  • 'Four and one'
    'Four and one'

    'Four and one' a unique sculpture handmade with two types of clay.
    Colour, material, texture, size and structure are different. The sculpture is easily to handle.
    Looks amazing on a pedestal or on your table, stretched out. You…

    € 920,00
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