'Terra' dark terra-white

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’Terra’ dark terra-white, shows a special colorpallette. Inspired by nature.

It is stoneware, fired on high temperatures. It is possible to hang this sculpture on your wall, or install it on a table/pedestal.

The movements are like a dance. When you move the sculpture, the sculpture is moving you.

The works are very strong despite the fragile looks; because of the firm shape of a circle: literally and figuratively as well. The sizes are flexible. Standing: 23x24x22 cm. Lying flat the size is: 36x24x7 cm. 2,2 kg.

Ceramics in motion
‘Motion is a key part of the expressiveness of my sculptures. Moving the sculptures leads to an ongoing change in shape, space, sound and feeling. Listen, see, feel and experience what happens when the sculptures dance and enjoy the moment’.


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