Information about the Ceramic sculptures

The sculptures are made of clay and fired in a special Ceramic electric kiln. We use solar energy.
Temperatures are used between 1050 and 1300 degrees Celcius. I use different types of clay, every sculpture asks for her own temperature. The temperatures influences the colour and texture of the sculpture
The colours are designed and made by me. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind and handmade.

The work is very strong despite the fragile looks; because of the firm shape of a circle: literally and symbolically as well. 

More information and sculptures:

Ceramics in motion
‘Motion is a key part of the expressiveness of my sculptures. 
The movements show the importance of each circle. Every ring is essential and influences the other; they are all connected, they are all one. Every link wears the symbolism of a circle: conjunction, connection, power, endlessness, an eternally ongoing movement. I am inspired by the rhythms of nature. Every day I see and experience so many changes.
Beautiful drawings are scarved with sand by the waves. The beach holds them for a little while, before wind and water changes their designs. Over and over again. Silhouettes of branches are dancing in the wind. Sometimes stormy and hard to see,  sometimes calm and clearly. Every time and everywhere, I experience movements creating new beauty.’
Cecil Kemperink 2023


Tips for handling

Tips to make movements: please use two hands. In the beginning it can be a bit strange, after a while you become easier creating the movements. Take it easy and let the sculpture choose which way she goes. Do not push her into a shape, lift her up and let her gently assume the shape that is created. The sculpture is in charge :). Make sure the circles don't collide: make thoughtful and fluid movements. Enjoy!

Cleaning advice

Remove dust with a soft brush with or without the vacuum cleaner.
If necessary: cleaning with water is possible.

Note: It is possible that the movements can slightly damage the surface of the table or anything else it is standing on, if moved frequently: a coaster or a layer of felt can help with this.


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