Glass 'Grey II'

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Glass sculpture for your wall

'Grey II', 26x13x2 cm
A dance movement in silence

One of a kind in a light grey colour.

Made on the fantastic island of Murano, next to Venice in Italy.
Murano which is known for its clear crystal glass with special and secret ingredients, which are passed on from family to family.

Several times I have worked in the glass factory of the Mian family. Together with their glass masters and their assistants, we have worked on a collection of glass sculptures for your wall.

With the special Murano glass, we experimented with many colors and shapes. A process, so different from working with clay!! And so special and beautiful! This has led to this variety of ‘dance movements in silence’

Sometimes very smooth and in other places rough and pure.

Hanging from a nail with a protective sleeve (included).

Are you interested in multiple glass sculptures? Please leave a message and you will hear from us.

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